FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media


"The music [from the radio adaptation of Shane] is beautiful. It conjured up the world I wanted to create even more vividly than I could have imagined."

Kate McAll (Executive Producer, BBC Radio Drama)

"Fernando is hands-down the best I've met and worked with in this field! He is an extremely talented person with an equally impressive amount of passion for music. Fernando had composed the music for our games in the past, the most recent being our game Zombie Typomaniac, and I am still amazed at the creativity and quality of his compositions every time I hear his music play. I'm definitely looking forward to continue working with Fernando in the future."

William Tan (GameYawp)

"Listening the extremely professional way he had composed, arranged and delivered the music, for "Princess Esther" [Phartoons Musical] I was most impressed. The attention to detail of the scoring and the orchestral quality was a pleasure to listen to... In my opinion... faultless"

Don McCorkindale (BBC actor)

"[Phartoons Musical's] uplifting lyrics wrapped in gorgeous melodies find their way straight to your heart, where they make themselves at home"

Jane Ingalls (Opera singer for The Washington National Opera)

“Man, that was like a metal orchestra! ... That was one of my favorite songs, musically, we’ve ever had on the top chart. I was very impressed!”

Lux (Forbidden Radio host)

“Fernando delivered quality product consistently and professionally. I cannot praise him highly enough and encourage all to use his services as I will again in the near future.”

Jason Bertles (Studio Devils)

“100/10 if that was possible! Fernando goes the extra mile, puts his all into his work, is full of enthusiasm. He responds within hours, sometimes minutes, and is always filled with creativity. Fernando is not afraid to rework a piece. There is no pride in the way like other artists. Instead he works with respect, honour and integrity. Fernando started as a team mate but has become a friend. If I had my way I'd work with him for the next 100 years!”

Joey Rojak (Phartoons)