FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media

Film Scoring

Whether your film is a documentary, narrative, short film, or a full-fledged feature film, it can always use a good underscore to bring the images to life and to tap into people’s emotions. Every film is different so, as a composer, I will always dig deep to try to find the film’s particular aesthetic, sentimental, and entertaining value and will capture it all in its musical score. I understand that the story and the visuals are the core of the film, so I will make sure the music works in conjunction with them, acting as support, and never interferes or draws too much attention to itself so that it becomes distracting to the story.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and the creation of its score is not different from the rest of the production. I will maintain excellent communication throughout the project, whether it’s local or long distance, and will always be willing to do as many corrections as necessary to give you the music, sound, and emotion your film needs.

Every project will be treated with the upmost care and dedication, with careful attention to detail, and will be delivered in a timely manner. Rest assured that if you put me in charge of the music for your film, you will have a score that reflects your vision and is exactly what your film deserves.