FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media

Video Game Scoring

Whether yours is a children’s fantasy game or a futuristic shooter game, it will always need a good underscore to truly immerse the player in the environment you are creating for them. Good music is one of the factors that will make a gamer’s adrenaline rush and want to stay up all night playing your game. If you put me in charge of your game’s score I will make sure you get exactly what you envision, what works best for the game, and what makes the user want to replay the game several times throughout their life.

Video game scoring requires many technical skills in addition to musical talent. As a video game composer, I know what the requirements and limitations are for video games and will always work accordingly to make the game run as smoothly as possible while providing an interactive, engaging, and captivating score. Whether your game is html, flash, mobile, or a console game, I will always make sure to understand what the particular requirements and limitations are and will produce something that will be light on your system but inspiring to the player.

I will treat every project with upmost care and dedication, with careful attention to detail, and deliver it in a timely manner. Rest assured that if you put me in charge of the music for your game, you will have a score that reflects your vision and is exactly what your game deserves.