FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media

Music I've produced or recorded

Everything We Whisper

(2011). This song, by The Kinzie Affair, was the one chosen for the Shure Fantastic Scholastic 2011 competition. I was part of the 5-member group that recorded/produced this song. I got to work with wonderful musicians, wonderful engineers, and got to play with tons of wonderful instruments such as a vibraphone, celesta, a string quartet, upright bass, tubular bells, and even a 40-foot pipe organ!! This song won us the title of 2nd best in the nation!!

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Where Angels Collide

This is one of my band's more popular songs from the album "The Atonement".

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Water and Wine

This is a song I produced/engineered for That's What She Said's debut album, "Beautiful is Funny, Too."

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This is one track from Hail The Sun's debut album, "POW! Right in the Kisser!"

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