FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media


Geek Cred

(2014) Web Series. GEEK CRED is a new workplace comedy set in the fantasy-fueled, manic environment of a comic book store! A store brimming with ne'er-do-well employees and unhinged customers.



(2013) Short Film. A chess championship is transformed into a fierce Steampunk pirate battle between the finalists.

Composer/Sound Designer/ADR Engineer

Caribbean Jewel

(2013) PC Game. Find Captain Salty's missing wife Pepper and the treasure map using your shrewd skills and fast fingers in Caribbean Jewel, a quick and colorful match 3 game!



(2013) Radio Play. A mysterious horseman, all dressed in black and wearing a six shooter, rides into an isolated valley in Wyoming. This is the radio adaptation of the novel by the same name by Frances Byrnes, who also inspired the 1953 Oscar-winning film.


Artistic License

(2013) Short Film. "Art is subjective. Revenge is not." From the creators of MEDIATING KIDNAPPER



(2013) Short Film. A kind story about a pair of roommates... who hate each other!


Mediating Kidnapper

(2013) Short Film. Looking to collect his ransom, this kidnapper finds himself between a father and son at VERY extreme odds. Starring Jim O'Heir (Parks and Recreation)


Zombie Typomaniac HD

(2013) Mobile Game. The new and improved iPad version of the original Facebook game. Face-off with hordes of gleefully brain-hungry zombies, where your only chance of survival is your typing skills!

Composer/Sound designer

Monkey Master

(2013) Mobile Game. Help the Monkey Master stop the Corporate Monkeys from infiltrating your headquarters.

Composer/Sound designer