FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media


UTLA (UT, Austin, semester in LA)

(2012) Commercial. The University of Texas at Austin "Semester in Los Angeles Program"’s mission is to enable students to compete with graduates of USC, UCLA, NYU, Columbia and other film schools by exposing them to the working world of the entertainment industry, and to the people who make things happen in Hollywood.

Composer/Audio Engineer

Old Rivalry

(2012) Short Film. The new comedic short film from Back to One Films and director Daniel Beals, starring Leslie David Baker (The Office), Jim O'Heir (Parks And Recreation), Ron Morehouse and Angie Hill.


Songs To Your Eyes LTD.

(2011) Music Publisher. Have licensed several cues for inclusion in their music library.

Composer/Audio Engineer


(2011) Web series/TV pilot. This new lifestyle show follows the crazes people in LA follow in the constant pursuit of beauty.

Composer/Audio Engineer

El Clásico: More Than a Game

(2011) Documentary. This beautiful film explores Spanish history, culture and regional identity through the intense and world-renowned soccer rivalry between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona.


Zombie Typomaniac

(2011). Online Game. Are you ready to take on the Zombie Typomaniac challenge? Face-off with hordes of gleefully brain-hungry zombies, where your only chance of survival is your typing skills!

Composer/Recording-Mixing Engineer

Animal Party

(2011). Facebook/Online Game. In Animal Party you'll discover hundreds of amazing animals across the galaxy and raise them on your magical garden. Along the way you'll come across many characters who don't always have the best intentions. What will you do? Can you collect them all?

Score Composer / MIDI Programmer / Recording Engineer

Space In Trouble

(2011). Facebook/Online Game. How long can you survive as the lone defender of Earth against mindless waves of evil spaceships out to destroy Earth?

Score Composer / MIDI Programmer / Recording Engineer

Everything We Whisper

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(2011). This song, by The Kinzie Affair, was the one chosen for the Shure Fantastic Scholastic 2011 competition. I was part of the 5-member group that recorded/produced this song. I got to work with wonderful musicians, wonderful engineers, and got to play with tons of wonderful instruments such as a vibraphone, celesta, a string quartet, upright bass, tubular bells, and even a 40-foot pipe organ!! This song won us the title of 2nd best in the nation!!

Engineer/Producer/Musician(cello, clarinet, viola, piano, upright bass)