FernandoMacias-Jimenez Film and video game composer, breeding music for visual media


Blazing Plunder

(2010-present) Facebook Game. Blazing Plunder is a real-time action RPG for Facebook. Fight pirates and travel together in a vibrant and persistent world to discover new places or collect treasure in this exciting new action game for Facebook!

Score Composer / MIDI Programmer / Recording Engineer

Princess Esther and the Mysterious Missing Items

(2010) Children's Musical Audiobook. This was an audiobook created for a wonderful Australian company named Phartoons. The purpose is to create customized audiobooks by having a child record their own voice and narrate their own story.

Composer/Songwriter/MIDI Programmer/Recording-Mixing-Mastering Engineer/Foley Artist/Sound Designer

POW! Right in the Kisser!

(2010) Hail the Sun EP album.

Recording/mixing/mastering engineer, producer, MIDI programmer, orchestrator

Kolstov's Stones

(2010) iPhone app. I did the sound design and the soundtrack for this iPhone game by Australian company, Studio Devils. It is very entertaining and is now available for download!

Sound Designer/Composer/Recording Engineer

Dead End

(2010) Short Film Trailer. I did the sound design/effects and the score for this student project.

Composer/Sound designer/Foley Artist/Recording-Mixing-Mastering engineer

I will wait

(2010) Pop song.

String Arranger


(2009-2010) Adventure/Fantasy online video game.

Composer/MIDI Programmer/Recording-Mixing-Mastering Engineer

Apple Pro Training Series: Logic 9 Advanced Music Production

(2009) Apple certified instructional book. I engineered a session for one of the chapters of the book with David Dvorin (author) and Rocky Winslow (trumpet player).

Recording Engineer

Zappy Ad Safari Game

(2009) Adventure/Children's online flash video game.

Composer/MIDI Programmer/Recording-Mixing-Mastering Engineer